Is your data a liability or an asset?

According to IDC, data production will be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009.

Is your organization capable of turning that data into valuable decision-making information?

Find out where you stand and where you need to improve with our Data Transformation Journey Quiz.

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How would you describe your storage environment?

Select one.

Mostly direct attached storage
Lots of small SANs
A few large SANs
Mostly NAS
Unified NAS and SAN
Everything virtualized behind a virtualization layer

Which techniques are you using to optimize storage utilization?

Select all that apply.

File Archiving
Where does your archive data go? (Select all that apply.)
Content store or other on-premise disk
Application or Database Archiving
Hierarchical Storage Management
Thin Provisioning
Primary storage compression or deduplication
Automated provisioning and de-provisioning

Are you using any of these methods to manage storage performance?

Select all that apply.

Using software to measure performance over time
Manually moving data as hot spots are discovered
Tiering data to different disk classes automatically based on usage
Solid State Technology for Tier 0

How are you managing data availability?

Select all that apply.

Relying on the inherent availability of our storage
Using replication to enable quick recovery elsewhere
Taking frequent snapshots for quick local recovery
Using Continuous Data Protection

How would you describe your backup environment?

Select all that apply.

Mostly tape, sending tapes offsite for DR
Using disk or VTL for fast local restore, sending tapes offsite for DR
Disk or VTL for fast local restore, replicating to disk or VTL for DR
Backup to Cloud
We use different methods depending on the data

Do you use any of these techniques for unstructured data (files)?

Select all that apply.

Using software to discover and classify files
Use Information Lifecycle Management to manage file retention and disposal
Using an Enterprise Content Management system
Using a Content Store or other Scale-out file storage

How would you describe your level of Big Data deployment?

Select one.

Really don’t know anything about it
Looked at it, doesn’t apply to us
Have a pilot or other small scale implementation
Mature implementation running in production

Have you implemented any of these?

Select all that apply.

Master Data Management or Data Brokers
Enforced policies for what can be stored on corporate servers
Data Quality Management to ensure the validity of critical data
Automated data visualization through modeling, mindmaps or other graphical techniques

What do you do about Disaster Recovery?

Select one.

We don't have a DR plan
We have a DR plan, but we haven’t updated or tested it in at least a year
We have a current DR plan, and we’ve tested it within the year
How successful was your last test?
Pretty much everything worked
Had some major problems, but many areas worked ok
Complete disaster
We don’t rely on “DR”, we replicate everything we need

What is the impact on your business if you have a major IT failure?

Select one.

It would be a hassle but we can get by for a week or more
We start losing revenue right away; need to be back up in
How quickly do critical applications need to be back up?
Less than 4 hours
4-8 hours
24 hours
72 hours
We have mission/life critical systems that must be up all the time


Following are the results of your quiz. Please click through the numbers in the navigation above to learn more about each component of the Data Transformation Journey.

State of Your Data Handling

Gray: Target Score
Red: Your Score

The above chart shows the components of the Data Transformation Journey in which you excel, compared to the areas where you are below the standard target level.

If you are below the target in any area, please click the corresponding area in the navigation above to learn more about how to improve your score in that area.

Your DR Preparedness vs. Need

The above chart shows how ready you are for an IT disaster, compared to how impacted your company would be by any kind of data loss.

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